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Innovation in High Tech is our passion

Our Experience helps to enhance your success in the market. Our strength are in Lasers and Laser applications. 

The methodological development on new market segments is our core know how

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Business Development

Strategic Product Placement

Marketing Support

Sales Support

„When the winds of change blow

Some people build walls and others build windmills „

An ancient Chinese proverb


Johannes  F. Trbola

Since 1985 in the Laser Industry

Starting his career with TRUMPF on CO2 Lasers, 

developing plasmo to its leading position 

and than working  with various players in specific projects


Experience in high Power Lasers Markets 

up to kW and Multi-kW class Lasers 

as well in cw and in fast and Ultrafast Lasers


Laser Welding was the initial core application, mostly with cw-Lasers but cutting and other cw applications as well.

There is also a well established know how in industrial as well as scientific applications of ultrafast lasers

Lasers and their application are our passion,

so we have made them our profession.

New technologies evolve without having clear target markets

To recognize and develop these target markets is our strength

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We make your business fly

Target Market

Our experience covers a wide range of technologies and applications. In these fields we do have well established deep market, technology and application know how.


• cw Laser sources

    • CO2 Lasers

    • fibercoupled Diode Lasers

    • Laser Power Measuring Devices

• Fast (ns) Laser (Thin Disk)

• Ultrafast (fs & ps) Lasers   (Thin Disk)


• cw Lasers

    • welding

    • additive manufacturing

    • surface treatment

    • cutting

• pulsed lasers

    • material processing

    • UV & EUV

    • HHG

How we support you

In these fields we are really strong!

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Business Development

Business Development in Marketing & Sales we see as a systematic approach to straiten your sales organisation to the market. The basis herefore are your strength - technological and personal

Strategic Product Placement

The right position in the markets and the right strategic focus decides about the succes of a company. In many cases is the technological attractiveness of the technology more relevant than the perfomrance of the product. We support you to focus your company on the real market demands


Marketing Support

Marketing in B2B environment has many aspects. Especially with innovative products. In theses cases the real applications are not known during the development of the products. In these cases it is necessary to be present on the core events of the identified target markets.

Our application know how as well as our excellent network in the various communities of the laser scene helps to make this process effective

Sales Support

What is marketing without sales? L´art pour l´art. 

The real sales process will show that marketing is done properly.

Therefore we offer the proof of our marketing ideas in the real sales environment.

What we Do 

Our Toolbox for Your Success

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Market Studies

For specific Market segments we perform studies based on our  knowledge, our research  as well as our network

Skills Analysis

Technology Know-How- as well as Technology Potential Analysis

Target Group Analysis 

What are the right targets for your technology and for your skills

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Key Accounts Definition

Key Account Structure are a key element for a sustainable market approach

Marketing & Sales Controlling 

Is your marketing and sales account effective according to standards in the industry

Active Sales

We do work as sales representative, typically using the smart possibilities given by the German law.

„The value of an idea lies in the using of it“

Thomas Edison (1847 - 1931)


Brand Development and Positioning

Development of Sales Approach and Sales Tools

Implementation of Key Account Structure

Development of sales structures in Italy

Product Management of Short Time Laser Power Measurement Devices as well as Key account Management 

Changing the company to a laser manufacturer including establishing the proper manufacturing and supplier  infrastructure  

And quite some projects which we performed under NDA….


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